Instant gratification. These days we all long for it.

A ride anywhere we wish with a few simple taps of a screen.
Products delivered to our door the next day.
Media without commercial breaks.
The perfect tan all year round.

Some of us are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to get instant gratification, and I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve been walking around and see some poor soul who looks more like a character in a Willy Wonka movie than a human being.

oompa loompas

The days of Oompa Loompas and Golden Tickets are long gone, and it’s time that the biggest myth surrounding airbrush tans is busted.

Myth: But, I’m going to turn orange.

Typically when we ask people if they’ve ever gotten an airbrush tan, we’re usually cut short by a rebuke that includes the word orange (insert eye roll here).

Listen, we’ve put people on the moon. Do you think after 57 years of using sunless tanning products we haven’t figured out how to give people that sun-kissed look without turning them into an orange?

Companies like Neutrogena and Loreal set the industry back when they introduced their spray tanning solutions in the 1960s. Through a cheap alternative, they offered a service people longed for, but like most cheap solutions came cheap results. By using products with low-quality DHA, Neutrogena and Loreal effectively turned humans into walking oranges and gave sunless tanning a bad rep.

Here at TriFIT, we offer Norvella® products not only for their proven success but for their dedication to the science behind their solutions.

Norvella® is an industry leading airbrush tanning solution and uses only the highest in DHA solutions. Norvella® is a true manufacturer and ensures that their DHA production and formulation is controlled from the beginning of the concept, through research and development, to the final distribution.

Have you ever eaten an apple and left the core to be tossed later?

When you come back to it later you notice how the once white center has now browned.

You can think of airbrush tanning in a similar way.

When DHA—which is made from sugar beets and sugar cane—is introduced, it reacts with the amino acids in the top layer of your skin, which causes them to darken. Just like the apple, your skin’s acids will react to the sugars in DHA and will continue to darken 24-72 hrs after application the same way an apple will continue to brown if left out.

Along with its proven results, airbrush tanning has a multitude of other benefits:

  • It’s quick. From changing, getting sprayed, and paying, the whole process will have you in and out in 10 minutes.
  • It’s safe. While the natural solution to tanned skin is to spend time outside, it’s also been scientifically proven that tanning under the sun’s harsh UVs will cause your skin to age at a more rapid rate.
  • It makes your results POP. With a customized approach to each person’s body, sunless tanning will make sure all the work you’re putting in at the gym will show.

In a world full of oranges, be an apple. Book your next spray tan at TriFIT today!