Questions About Tanning?

Skin That Dazzles

There’s nothing better than having perfectly sun-kissed skin without the harmful side effects or results of lying out on the beach for hours on end. As a premiere tanning studio in Phoenix, TriFIT offers airbrush tanning—a quick, and effective way to attain the perfect skin tone you desire. All airbursh tans are applied using Norvell® products, the leader in sunless technology and high science.

How It Works


Once you’ve booked an airbrush tanning session with TriFIT, a specialist will sit down with you to get an understanding of your desired skin tone and talk through the recommended application. Our specialist will use, Norvell® products to apply your tan. Norvell® is a trusted brand and leader in the market that will produce the results you desire. The session should take 10-15 minutes from start to finish.


Airbrush tanning is an all-natural process driven by an organic chemical reaction that is so safe that it occurs even in some of the foods we eat, like apples. DHA in self tanners react with amino acids in layers of old skin on your body. The reaction that takes place (Malliard reaction) is the same reaction that occurs when a sliced apple is exposed to air and begins to oxidize. This process leads to the production of melanoidins, which are chemicals that cause the appearance of tan.


Wa-lah. With all of the science out of the way, airbrush tanning leaves you with a dazzling sunkissed look to enjoy for about the next week. The best part? Unlike traditional tanning methods that leave your skin damaged by UV sun rays, cause uneven tans, or have negative side effects—airbrush tanning is harmless, quick, and leaves you with an absolutely stunning tan every time.

Airbrush Training
Single Airbrush Tan $40 $40
3-Pack $33 $99
6-Pack $26 $159
Unlimited (up to 5 tans per month; automatic monthly debit)* $17 $69/month

*Unlimited tanning requires a 30-day written cancellation notice.

I keep going back to this gym, because I feel like I am getting results and I am comfortable with the staff. I have trained with every one of the trainers and I like them all. They do a great job of listening to what I want out of my workout and make sure to hit the target areas that are important to me. 
Great facility and great trainers! If you are serious about getting in shape, I recommend TriFit without hesitation.
Great fitness studio in Phoenix! I love the trainers there. I personally prefer the small group fitness workouts. They also do one-on-ones and classes. Workouts are challenging!
Great facility and great trainers! If you are serious about getting in shape, I recommend TriFit without hesitation.