Nutrition Plans


Semi-Private Weekly Coaching (does not include a meal plan)


Are you frustrated that you work out consistently but are not seeing results? Do you need a nutrition plan that is effective and easy to follow? Are you struggling with accountability? If you’re confused by all of the conflicting information about nutrition, we can help! You need a kind, knowledgeable and responsive coach to help you reach your goals, and a holistic, balanced approach you can actually stick with longterm. The Semi-Private Coaching Program gives you tons of support and accountability from your coach, as well as your other peers going through the program. Benefit from experience sharing, and building relationships with other motivated individuals who are committed to living healthier lives just like you! 


Private Weekly Coaching (includes one meal plan per month)


The Platinum Nutrition Coaching Program is a one-on-one lifestyle overhaul, that is ideal for individuals who are struggling to change unhealthy habits, and need a lot of support.  If you are ready to make a serious change, working one-on-one with a nutrition coach is the fastest route to success. Schedule a free consultation today and we can discuss which program is the best fit for you. 

Included Gold Platinum
Training with a few other high energy folks
Limited to only four people
Fraction of the cost of one on one training
Functional, efficient and challenging workouts
30 minute sessions
Thanks to TriFit

I started this journey with TriFit Wellness and in six months I’ve lost 25lbs, increased muscle mass, my nutrition is back on track and most importantly good health has returned. This is a real team effort and as a coach and cheerleader, Lizzie is the best. She is prepared for our workouts, is attentive to my form, my strengths, and my weaknesses. I look forward to each and every workout and a long working relationship with TriFit!


In case you were wondering…

How does membership work?

The first step to membership is a phone call with our team to find out about your goals, and then we can make a recommendation for what program is the best fit for you.

How do I pay?

Your membership dues will be automatically debited either on the 1st or 15th of each month

Do I have to track my calories?

Yes. Tracking your calories and macronutrients is extremely important. The nutrition program is about educating you on which foods make you look and feel your best, learning portion sizes moderation, and how to build a positive, healthy relationship with food. Tracking is not necessary forever, but is an important part of the process.

What times are the weekly Zoom calls?

Morning, afternoon and evening call times are available. You will set up your weekly call time and generally will have the same call each week.

Are other people attending the Zoom call as well?

With semi-private coaching, you may have a couple other people on the call. In our experience, the sharing of these calls is extremely encouraging, motivating and part of the learning process. With private coaching, your calls would be one-on-one.

How do I measure my progress?

If you are local, we offer complimentary progress assessments here at the gym once per month. If you are not local, you would need to have a friend or family member take your measurements and submit your progress to your coach once per month.

Can I just purchase a meal plan?

Yes. A 7-day meal plan can be purchased at any time for $119.