Healthier People. A Proven Return on Investment.

Healthier Employees.
A Proven Return on Investment.

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Better Health. Better Productivity

Science has shown that a healthy dose of exercise helps people reduce stress, increase productivity and lead happier lives. At TriFIT, we offer discounted corporate wellness pricing to medium-sized companies who understand the benefits of a fit life and want to pass those perks along to their team.

Sobering Statistics

  • 80% of Americans experience regular high impact stress.
  • 60% of Americans are overweight/obese.
  • 40% of US Americans will be diabetic within the next 5 years.
  • Average medical costs of a Diabetes patient is $15,000 per year.
  • These costs are 100% PREVENTABLE through proactive healthcare (diet and exercise).

Customized Programs for Medium-Sized Companies

Corporate wellness programs have been proven to lower healthcare costs for companies, reduce prolonged absences due to illness, reduce stress, and increase productivity.

Since each workplace is unique, TriFIT offers a variety of customizable programs for companies with 20-200 employees:

  • On-location training – We’ll travel to your businesses location and teach classes on-site.
  • In-studio training – For companies close to our studio, we offer corporate classes at our fully-equipped facility.
  • Wellness workshops – Deep dive education on important topics such as exercise fundamentals, stress management, nutrition principles, and more.
  • Online coaching – 1-on-1 coaching for each employee. This includes personalized activity goals, nutrition coaching, body fat testing, and weekly accountability designed to produce real and lasting lifestyle changes!

Measurable Results

TriFIT Wellness was founded on a science-based, measurable approach. Most corporate wellness programs have no way of proving their results. We can show our clients aggregate data of exactly how much weight/body fat their team members lose. Most programs have less than 20% participation rates. Ours are up to 90% participation.

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Boost Morale

A valued employee is a happy employee. Adding a corporate wellness or fitness program as corporate perk can go a long way and acts as a natural extension of your workplace culture. From the office to the gym, it’s been proven that exercise boosts morale and increases happiness…and who doesn’t want happy employees?

Increase Productivity

Office complacency is a real thing, folks. An active body leads to an active mind—one with productivity that is off the charts. Feeling the workplace blues? Want to
supercharge your team’s momentum? The team that works out together also kicks butt together. Give your employees a new breath of life and you’ll reap the rewards.

Grow Stronger, Together

We won’t lie…it may hurt a little. Cultivate a stronger culture outside of the office. With our corporate wellness packages, your employees are empowered to demolish goals
together, offer one another support, and celebrate each other’s victories. Grow your “A team” at TriFIT.

Great facility and great trainers! If you are serious about getting in shape, I recommend TriFit without hesitation.
I keep going back to this gym, because I feel like I am getting results and I am comfortable with the staff. I have trained with every one of the trainers and I like them all. They do a great job of listening to what I want out of my workout and make sure to hit the target areas that are important to me. 
Great facility and great trainers! If you are serious about getting in shape, I recommend TriFit without hesitation.
Great fitness studio in Phoenix! I love the trainers there. I personally prefer the small group fitness workouts. They also do one-on-ones and classes. Workouts are challenging!