Sleep is the number one component to having a successful day to day life. Without sleep, we lack cognitive functions, and we grow a little foggy when it comes to getting through tasks. Often people turn to aids like sleep medication to help with lack of sleep, or drinks like coffee, tea or energy drinks to simply wake the body up. Aids are not just limited to drinks there are many products out there that offer you that extra boost you need to get through the day.


 Say you’re working around the clock, and you have deadlines, so you need to stay up and finish before your boss yells, but is staying up helping you finish? Or would going to bed and waking up a little earlier be a better idea? Mull this over while we discuss a few different reasons why your sleep schedule is very important. 


 No Blue Light


You should put away any form of technology, at least 2 hours before bed. The blue light halts melatonin production making it harder for you to fall asleep. It can be extremely hard for some individuals to put down their devices, but there are ways to stop this issue. You can always head over to the nearest library and grab a book that you can keep to pull out instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, you can read a book. 


Improves concentration and productivity 

 That’s right, the more sleep you get, the more concentration and productivity you have. Allowing yourself to get a full 8 hours will benefit you to get through your workday, meetings, or company event. One study showed that lack of sleep can harm the brain similar to if you were having an alcoholic beverage. Good sleep allows you to improve your problem-solving skills and enhance memory performance. 


Sleep improves your immune function


If you are someone that is constantly under the weather, rethink the amount of sleep you’re getting. Sleep is just as important as feeding your body the right foods, so if you are constantly eating fried foods, you’re going to feel lethargic and won’t have the energy you need throughout the day. If you fuel your body with proteins, fats, and carbs for a balanced meal like Chicken, avocado, veggies, and rice you are giving yourself the proper energy to get through the day. Paying close attention to how much you’re sleeping, and the types of food you are eating plays a large part in your immune function. 


Sleep Quality over Quantity


The more sleep you get is not necessarily better. It is all about the quality of sleep you are getting. There are two different types of sleeping. Deep sleep which is when our bodies are recovering. REM is when our brain and mind (memory consolidation) recover. There are products out there including the Oura ring that helps you understand the importance of sleep and shows you your sleep stages. 


We hope these tips helped you understand why your sleep schedule is so important to your mental and physical health. Knowing that your internal health is just as important as your physical appearance is a key component to understanding your fitness journey. At TriFIT Wellness we help show you the ropes of the internal and external factors that play a role in shaping the healthiest version of you. Contact us today to start your journey.