Life happens fast. We tend to have that “GO GO GO” mentality. This is great for some aspects of life, but when we’re so busy that we forget to eat, that is a problem. Not eating can lead to fatigue, low energy, problems with the immune and digestive system, and poor overall body health. There are a few ways to eliminate this problem, and still keep up with your busy schedule.

Plan ahead!

If you know your week is going to be busy start each Sunday by creating a grocery list. This list can contain your food that you’ll need for the week for different meals including but not limited to snacks, dinner, lunches. Creating a list helps you decide which grocery stores you need to hit to make your shopping time a little easier. If you’re the type of person who has trouble deciding what to make, Trader Joes offers great options for different assorted veggies, fruits, and pre-cooked meats. They even have a sample of the day that you could use as one of your meals.

If that feels overwhelming to you, and you already know the type of items you want, you can head to Sprouts grocery store, and load up on fresh veggies. Sprouts also offers prepared foods, and you can pick up some healthy assorted nuts to snack on! One of our favorite “go-to” meals in a rush is a rotisserie chicken, sweet potatoes and some broccoli. Poke a few holes in the sweet potato and microwave it a few minutes until soft. Throw the broccoli in a sauté pan with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and you have yourself a balanced, healthy meal. 


Whole Foods is another grocery store with tons of options, such as a salad bar, juice bar and hot bar with plenty of clean, healthy foods to choose from. Many grocery stores now have social media or apps that can be downloaded to your phone with different coupons, meal ideas, and more so you can use that as an option as well when figuring out your weeks. 


Prep it out…

So, you went to the grocery store on Sunday, now it’s time to prep! The beauty of prepping is that your meals are cut, portioned and ready to go so that it’s one less thought you have to have during the week. For instance, you prep your taco salad, you have it all ready to go into containers and all you have to do is toss it in your lunch bag, and head to work! Another great prep idea is you can start out slow. Pick one meal for the week you’re going to prep. If you start slow by just prepping your dinners for the week, it will allow you to see what a time saver it really is. Getting home after a busy day to a pre-cut chicken, veggies, rice, and sauce already made that just needs to be thrown into a pan sounds a lot more convenient than just staring at the fridge, and hoping the pasta makes itself.


Don’t create hassle!

The idea of planning out your meals is to make your life easier! You don’t need to start creating five-star meals you’ve never heard of before. Start with small meals that you know how to make, and elevated them. Add a different sauce, fruit, or meat. Allow yourself to be creative, but not overwhelm yourself with ideas. Keeping it simple and affordable is the key to success of time saving and yummy meals! Another way to not create that hassle for yourself is to have someone do it for you! There are many health meal prep companies that make if affordable and won’t hurt the budget.

One way to save time is to purchase pre-cut veggies and starches like potatoes and squash. Costco sells these items in bulk at a fraction of the cost of grocery stores. Also, make sure to use time-saving tools like a slow cooker or Instapot to make multiple meals at once that will last the whole week. 

These tips are to help make fitting meals into your busy schedule a little easier. When first starting out, it’s best to start on Sunday and come up with your plan for the week. Prep one meal in bulk to eat for multiple dinners, then gradually you can add more prepped meals as you get more comfortable. At TriFIT Wellness, we not only focus on functional movements that help improve your everyday life we help guide you with holistic nutrition as well. Contact us today, and let’s talk more!