With a heavy influx of distractions everywhere we turn it can be hard to stay motivated. It is easy to fall behind and lose sight of what you want. This is true for the goals you set for yourself, and other life events that just “happen” and take you off course. No matter what you’re doing, or what gets in the way we want to give you a few tips to stay motivated and not fall behind.

 Know you’re “Why”

Developing new, healthy habits, ditching bad behaviors, and becoming the best you can take hard work and effort. What are the reasons you have for making the changes you want to make? If it’s not something compelling, it won’t be enough to keep you from quitting when things get tough. Know the “why” behind what you are doing, and keep that front and center so you see it every day. 

Write down your goals

Whether you write it on your phone, computer, or note pad, have your goals written down. Break these down into weekly, monthly, and even yearly. Life changes so fast, years fly by and our headspace changes. Write down goals, if you change, change your goals. As long as you are staying motivated and pushing yourself to be the best version of yourself, you will cross everything off that list! We are fans of “the accountability mirror”. Putting your goals on a sticky note on your bathroom mirror keeps them front and center so you see them daily and they stay top of mind. Find people that motivate you

Why surround yourself with people who don’t lift you? You want to be around people that support you in all aspects of life, that will be there no matter what. The people you spend the majority of your time with are a reflection of who you are. Make sure these people are people that are not tearing you down, and only lifting you higher. 

Stay inspired

Keep yourself open to see new inspirations and new opportunities. Make yourself a cool Pinterest board to see different quotes and photos, make yourself a list of different workout classes you’d like to take, different workout places you would like to try, and healthy places you would like to eat. Remain inspired in all aspects of life.

Take breaks

Take breaks. Sometimes if you push yourself too hard in any area of life you can experience burnout. This is normal, but so it doesn’t happen to you allow yourself to have one or two rest days a week, with anything from fitness to just not picking up your phone. Allowing yourself time to just breathe and think can do more for you than you know.

These few tips can help you remain motivated and living life on a positive note. Trifit Wellness always strives to help you be that voice of reason through the good and the bad. We would love to help you through your wellness journey to finding what motivates and inspires you, Contact us today for more information.