Structuring a workout can be difficult if you are not used to it. People sometimes walk into the gym and use certain machines, because that’s, “all they know how to use”. The fact of the matter is, individuals are uncomfortable with what they don’t know and are afraid to ask questions. Now, this is not everyone, but a majority of people are uncomfortable with walking up to a machine at the gym and reading the directions on how to use it and would rather stick to the machines they know how to use. Here are a few tips when first starting at the gym to make it a little less intimidating for you.

  1. Start Slow

Don’t walk in with the hopes that you will automatically know how to use every single machine or piece of equipment. It takes time to learn how to use everything safely and effectively. Just like our bodies cannot change overnight it takes time and effort. Feeling intimidated is a natural feeling, but with anything more time spent and more dedication inside the gym will make you feel more comfortable as the days pass. If you don’t know how to use something, the best investment you can make it work with a professional to learn! If you’re more of a “do-it-yourselfer,” you can watch a Youtube video, check out workouts on Instagram, or take a class. Make sure to give the instructor a heads up, so they can guide you through the process and keep an eye on your form.

2. Identify your Why, What, and How

Have a clear “why” for what you are doing. Without this, you’ll simply quit when things get hard. This is a principle to live by inside the gym and out! If you are serious about improving any skill, you need to be realistic that it will take time, effort and maybe even putting yourself in uncomfortable situations.

Once you’ve identified WHY this is important to you, set some long term and short term goals. Be specific. This is the WHAT. What do you want to accomplish? Is it to lose 20 lbs? Be able to do 10 pull-ups? Whatever you want to do, start with the end in mind, and then work backward from there to set some short term goals. To accomplish your goal in 1 year, what do you need to do by month 6, then month 3, then month 1, over the next couple of weeks, and finally, what do you need to do TODAY!

Don’t overcommit yourself. It is better to start slow and keep your commitments to yourself. Know your limits, this is huge! If you can only commit to working out 3X, don’t commit yourself to 5, simple as that. Also, what resources do you need to reach your goal? Is it a personal trainer? A nutrition coach? Just a buddy to workout with. Come up with your plan, and execute it!

3. Support System

Finding a group of individuals who are as like-minded as you are. Surrounding yourself with a great group of people can help motivate and push you. A group of people who lift you higher and want the absolute best for you is the ones you want around you to help achieve your goals. Sometimes when we decide we want to make some positive changes in our lives, our close friends and family can be the most resistant and critical. Obviously, you don’t want to eliminate people you love from your life, but make sure you have a support system of people who will encourage you to keep pushing, even on those hard days when you don’t want to.

4. Do workouts you like

You’re more likely to stick with exercise you enjoy! Don’t just walk into the gym and do a full strength training workout if you don’t enjoy strength training. If you love doing yoga, then do that! The more you naturally enjoy an activity and are enthusiastic about it, you are more likely to feel motivated to continue going consistently. There are benefits of all types of exercise, so start with what you love, and experiment and add from there!

5.Master the fundamentals!

Before you get fancy and start doing barbell hip thrusts, smith machine sumo squats or other workouts, start with the basics. Start by learning how to do movements like a proper lunge or a proper squat. Mastering the fundamentals will help you learn a great skill and keep you from hurting yourself. Once you know the fundamentals, many exercises include simple progressions such as the position of your feet or adding additional equipment. These exercises will be much easier to learn once you master the basics! It’s always about quality over quantity, so you will want to learn how to do the basic movements correctly. Even if you can only do 5 at first at least you are doing them right, instead of doing 10 wrong ones.

Fundamental exercises to learn:




Bicep Curl


Shoulder Press

These 5 tips can help you master your mindset and achieve greatness on your fitness journey. Remember that everyone starts as a beginner! You have to remind yourself nothing happens overnight, and if you want it you can achieve it. TriFITwellness is here to motivate you to your best potential. If you need help getting started, Contact us today!