With the summer months finally here, and vacations on the rise it is important to keep our skin happy and healthy! We all love to get that sun tan glow on our skin, but we should always be safe and take precautions when needed be. There are many sunscreen products on the market that are not necessarily “great” for our skin, and can sometimes have so many added chemicals that they end up being worse than what it would be like to just not have sunscreen at all. Below we will give you a few tips when picking your next sunscreen!

  1. Water resistant options

 If you don’t plan on jumping in the water, that’s fine. When you’re in the sun your body starts to sweat, and these water resistant types stay on a lot longer! If you plan on moving around with outdoor activities, or sports stick to a water resistant type!

  1. Broad spectrum

When you’re at the store looking at the labels make sure they say broad spectrum. This will help you know that the sunscreens not only fights against harmful UV rays, but UVB as well. These are known to cause skin cancer and burns.

  1. Confused, grab a lotion

Lotions allow you to apply generously and evenly distribute it across your body. The best part about lotion is that you can see where it’s going so if you miss a spot, no problem go ahead add some to the open area and continue throughout the day. If you’re going for a spray bottle, most of the time you can spray on an area, but it isn’t consistent.

4. Mineral sunscreen vs. Chemical 

A chemical sunscreen contains ingredients that are not natural and filled with chemical compounds. The harmful chemicals that can be added include oxybenzone and octinoxate they are approved by the FDA and work because they protect your skin from UV rays. The problem with these chemicals is that before they can even protect you, they absorb into your skin, which can cause significant irritation, discomfort, and potentially serious side effects. Mineral sunscreen, on the other hand, is a sunscreen that uses minerals such as zinc or titanium oxide as active ingredients. Instead of absorbing into your skin as a chemical sunscreen would, a mineral sunscreen simply sits on top of your skin protecting you from the UV rays.

A company that does an incredible job of letting you know exactly what is in their products and not adding any harmful ingredients is Beauty Counter. They have a bunch of different variations of their mineral sunscreen, this one is their best seller Check it out

Just as you take care of your body at the gym, you need to take care of it in the sun!

These helpful tips will keep your skin safe, and your mind at ease when relaxing under the sun. TriFITwellness is all about building an overall foundation to a better life. We provide the best advice, and best service to help you stay on the right track 

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