Feel overwhelmed with all the ways to stay healthy or keep up with the health trends? Have no fear, we are here to give you three ways that don’t cost anything that makes your mind, soul, and heart happy.


Taking a few minutes out of the beginning of your day to clear your head space, center yourself and open your mind. This can be very impactful for helping set a foundation for how you want to go about your day, set your goals, give gratitude, and have positive energy throughout the day. There are apps like Headspace that can help guide you through your meditation practice.


Sun, Sun, Sun! Get some sunshine on your face and your skin. Getting some sunshine can help boost mood levels, relax yourself and help with your overall well being. If you’re having a bad day, bring your lunch outdoors and get some sunshine on your face, or grab your favorite book and throw a blanket down and sit for a little while!


Laughter is the best medicine. Giving yourself a moment to breath and not take life so seriously is what it’s all about! Put on your favorite TV show, hang out with friends, laugh until you cry. Laughing is good for the soul and keeps us sane. If you aren’t laughing, start now! Take a few minutes to really unwind and immerse yourself into something that is light hearted, or makes you giggle.

These simple and no cost ways to live a healthy better life are what it’s all about. Happiness is the fuel behind everything we do, remembering to put ourselves first and deflect any negative energy that comes our way is how we stay happy and positive!

At TriFITwellness we have a culture unlike any other, we boost each other up and are there for each other when someone is down. We encourage you to be yourself and let your emotions out. Join us to learn what it’s all about!  Contact us  and get your free week today.