Making healthy choices for eating out can be tough. When you’re going out with a group of friends it’s hard to hold yourself back because “everybody else is doing it”. Loving yourself enough to say, you know, I really want those french fries, but I know they aren’t going to make me feel good after I eat them, so I’m going to get the side salad instead. We all have this internal battle as the menu hits the table and everyone asks one another, “What are you getting”?


Now it’s not extremely hard to make healthy choices, and splurging in the right areas is valid, and totally allowed. We’ve developed a list of different ways we believe help make your body happier, and you less guilty.


Drum roll, please….


  1. Substitute your side for something healthier- We’ve already mentioned this one (giving the example of fries for a salad), but this goes even further. If you want those fries, but your burger comes in a bun, ask for your burger with a lettuce wrap. Knowing where to put your calories and how to delegate instead of going over the top is helpful.
  2. Splitting- We ALL have that one person we can go to a meal with a count on asking, “Would you want to split the…:” YES..split that meal, enjoy half that salad and the burger!! This helps with portion control, and allows you to satisfy your craving!
  3. Look at the menu before– Checking out the menu before can help set you up for success when you arrive.  Use websites like yelp to help you out! This allows you to make a clear decision about what you want, without being influenced by other choices. This also allows you to have time, and not feel rushed to zoom through the menu!
  4. Water, Water, Water– Drink water before and during meals to help with eating fewer calories during the meal.
  5. Be Present- Take time enjoying your meal! It’s not a race. Enjoy conversation, enjoy every bite. Set the fork down, grab some water.
  6. Eat a snack before you arrive– If you’re starving, you’re going to end up gorging yourself and eating way more than you need. Grab a low calorie but high in protein snacks, like almonds or yogurt!


These tips can help you to stay on track while eating out and feel comfortable with your meal choices. Don’t regret what you ordered, and make yourself feel bad after eating it. Keep in mind that everybody is different so something someone is eating can affect them differently that it could affect you.


At TriFIT Wellness, we help design nutrition plans that have a holistic approach. We will guide you to a better mindset, and give you more tips to make healthy decisions along the way. If this sounds like something you or someone you know would want, reach out TODAY!