Essential oils do more than just smell good. They can also have some major benefits in your life, including a boost in energy, relieving stress, calming an upset stomach, or even helping you get a better nights sleep.


There are SO many different types of oils. Some of the most popular oils used are lavender, lemon, peppermint, rose, chamomile, and tea tree. These are all forms of alternative medicine that are made of concentrated plant extracts. Each essential oil has different purposes and uses.


You can use essential oils in three main ways. They can be placed in a diffuser and used for aromatherapy, put on the skin directly, or can be ingested. Of course, not all of them are edible so you want to make sure that if you ingest them, they are safe to be eaten. Some companies add chemicals to their oils making them unsafe to ingest, so make sure to use a reputable brand.


The most popular use of essential oil is by putting the oils into a diffuser. Not only does it make your home or room smell beautiful, but it also can have a physical effect on your body. Certain smells can trigger your body slow down your heart rate and breathing, and control blood pressure.


Here are some of the most popular essential oils and the great effects they can have on your body and mind:


Lemon essential oils can be used in both food and placed in a diffuser to create that wonderful lemony smell. Lemon is a great one to put in your water, and is used to boost your mood. Lemon has been shown to support your immune system since it is loaded with vitamin C. It has also been noted that it can aid in weight loss.


A great essential oil for relation is lavender oil. Lavender promotes relaxation, eases stress relief, and assists in a better nights sleep. Lavender is an amazing accompaniment to a meditation practice as well. According to Dr. Josh Axe, “Because of its powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial, sedative, calming, and antidepressant properties, lavender oil has been used both cosmetically and therapeutically for centuries.” That is why is it is the favorite with David, one personal trainers here at TriFit Wellness and many others across the country.


Another popular oil is peppermint oil. With just a few drops added to your water, it becomes minty. Peppermint can help ease digestion, increase your energy, and even boost your mood. David states, “Peppermint is great right before a workout. It gives you the energy you need to push through that hard workout.”


There may be some essential oils you don’t even know about. Oregano oil is more concentrated than the oregano plant. It can be used in cooking and can help with inflammation and overall health of your stomach. Sandalwood is known to calm nerves and help with focus. Rose oil is used to improve mood and reduce anxiety. Chamomile is used to promote relaxation.

That is why we love to get our essential oils from Young Living. There are so many options and you can even mix different oils for various effects.