The true key to maximum success with any fitness transformation is CONSISTENCY. As a great quote says, “the gym is much like a marriage, you can’t cheat and expect it to work.”  (author: unknown) Some days it’s just hard to stick to your diet or to make it into the gym after a long day. Building accountability gives you a reason to show up, even on the days you don’t necessarily want to. Try adding these great tools of accountability for motivation and success!



Set trackable goals

Having goals is a step in the right direction, on its own, but when these goals are trackable it gives you something tangible to monitor and work towards. It helps you keep in mind why you are making these tough changes, no matter what your motivation level is at that time. Whether you are trying to stick to a diet or reach a certain level of intensity, tracking the progress you make towards your pre-established goals can 10X your results! If you are unsure of the benchmarks you should be reaching, check out TriFIT Wellness’ awesome VIP Coaching platform. It allows you to track with individualized feedback on both the exercise and nutrition component.



Have a set program


One great way to stay accountable to your goals is to have a predetermined plan when you hit the gym. Don’t just try and wing it. Walking into the gym without a plan can seem intimidating and can create quite a bit of down time, which could prevent you from elevating your heartrate to the desired BPM.  A program also helps you stay consistent and efficient with your workouts while making sure you don’t just fall into the same old exercises. Having a set diet plan can be equally beneficial. For instance having a pre-approved shopping list from a nutritionist will remove a lot of room for error.  Seeking out help from a professional is a foolproof plan so that you’re working on program designed for YOU. Remember, you are not “one size fits all”.



Don’t do it alone


Whether it is a personal trainer, a group training environment, or even a committed gym buddy, working out with others helps keep us accountable. It has actually been shown in several studies that people who work out in group settings show more success that those who workout alone. At TriFIT Wellness, our clients not only find success connecting people on the gym floor, but also through our VIP Coaching program, which connects people virtually. Whatever way you find it easiest to connect, have someone who holds you accountable. You most likely help them just as much as they help you, if not more!


Be Prepared


It is always better to be proactive, rather than reactive. In whatever areas you can be prepared, take the time to do so. Steps like packing your gym bag the night before, rather than waiting until the morning when you’re trying to rush out the door, can really dictate whether you will make it to the gym or not. Having healthy food prepared and accessible at all times is one of the best ways to resist the temptation to reach for something you’ll later regret. It can also affect the relationship you have with these things, whether it be the gym or healthy foods. When you have a plan, you can plan out those “treat meals” so you really enjoy them.



Give yourself something to celebrate


I can’t stress the importance of this one enough!!! Losing weight and getting in great shape will absolutely take hard work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting and something to celebrate! Give yourself things to celebrate:


  • Track your weight and reps in the gym to celebrate the progress!
  • Take regular measurements (once a month) and record each outcome.
  • Take pictures in your underwear or a bathing suit (preferably the same one, once a month) to see the results that you don’t see when you’re looking in the mirror everyday.


Most importantly, practice SELF LOVE. You are human, you will make mistakes, but with consistency, you can begin to establish healthy habits that you’ll maintain for a lifetime. But it doesn’t happen overnight. Accountability can really make or break your fitness experience. I speak for every person here at TriFIT Wellness when I say, “we can’t do what we do alone.” Whether it is your trainer, nutritionist, or peers holding us accountable, we rely on one another!