So many of us go to great lengths to burn up all the calories we possibly can, in the hopes of weight loss and fat loss. We drink cayenne pepper and variety of infused beverages, we take ice baths, we fast, etc.. By now, most of us have caught on that a huge portion of weight loss comes down to the calories we are consuming vs. the calories we’re burning, yet we still search for the most effective way to achieve our fat loss goals.

The great debate has always been if cardio is more effective than lifting weights. Which one is the best solution to shedding the excess weight and having the body of your dreams? Or is it some combination of both activities?

While cardio is an awesome way to get your heart rate up, you are primarily burning carbohydrates. Cardio boosts your metabolism for 1 to 3 hours after a session of “steady state” cardio, where your heart rate is elevated at approximately the same rate for the duration of the exercise.

Strength training, specifically interval training, on the other hand is a lower level of intensity, as far as heart rate is concerned. This causes your body to use fat as the predominant fuel source as opposed to carbs. The “after burn” from this type of training, however, goes on for as long as 48 hours after a single session! That’s right, your metabolism is increased for up to two days after interval weight training! In that time, your body is more efficient at using, instead of storing, your carbs and fats.

Of course everyone’s body respond differently to different types of stimulus so it is not as simple as a one size fits all. Fortunately, TriFIT Wellness has launched our new VIP Coaching platform that allows your health coach to customize your fitness regimen, including the ratio of steady state cardio to interval training specifically for you.

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It’s time to start training SMARTER rather than HARDER and getting the most out of your workouts possible.