Recovery and injury prevention is key to longevity and being able to bounce back from a strenuous work out time and time again. If you want to stay active and healthy for as long as possible it is crucial you give your body proper care and support.

How do we care for our aching muscles? The obvious answer is likely massage but there are other recovery tools available that have tremendous healing properties.

The cold plunge, hot tub, contrast therapy, infrared sauna and compression therapy are all recovery tools used by elite athletes to optimize their recovery. Yes elite! We’re talking Olympic runners, NFL players, MLB players and now you!

Including these tools into your recovery regime are a bulletproof way to keep your body resilient and strong.  All you need to do is make time and because we know your time is valuable we’ve found a place where you can access all these tools and be in and out in 20 mins.

Recover in 20 is a concept established at the Balunsd studio to prioritize recovery in minimal time. With over 15 years of experience in massage therapy, the ladies of Balunsd have built a facility with all the tools you need to keep you injury free. They’ve taken what works for top elite athletes and placed it all under one roof. Whether you are a professional athlete, fitness buff or a busy parent trying to stay fit, Balunsd provides the best tools in the field and makes them available to everyone!

Here are the benefits of these recovery tools:

Cold Tub

No more filling your tub with bags of ice, the cold tub uses a controlled temp that help bring blood flow to your internal organs. Rinse off, jump in the tub and sit for a few minutes. The body will filter the toxins in the blood, returning the enriched blood to the extremities for better recovery. The filtered blood is rich in nutrients and enzymes allowing for reduced inflammation and pain.

Hot Tub

If you’ve been in a hot tub before you’ve first hand experience the relaxing sensation this tool provides. This is directly a result of an increase in circulation allowing the connective tissue to become more flexible. Similar to the cold tub, this hot tub is set a controlled temp and ready for you to take a dip. Just few minutes will leave you feeling relaxed and ready to take on your next challenge.

Contrast Therapy

Contrast therapy combines the cold plunge and hot tub into one exhilarating experience. This method has been used for thousands of years and works by providing physiological effects on the body’s pain gate mechanism. Spend a few minutes in the cold plunge then step into the hot tub. Go back and forth between the two as much as you’d like.The contrast in temp will constrict and dilate the blood vessels allowing for better circulation and reduced inflammation.

Infrared Sauna

Move over chain gym saunas. Infrared is the new Cadillac of saunas and for a good reason. This powerhouse tool helps detoxify, improve circulation, aid weight loss and relax the muscles. It uses the wavelength emitted by the human body and therefore allows us to more readily absorb heat. If your not a fan of the slap in the face heat from traditional saunas try infrared instead.  The heat is more subtle and works from within providing a relaxing and soothing sensation to the muscles and joints.

NormaTec Compression

You may have seen these boots on your favorite athlete’s Instagram posts. NormaTec is a compression device that combines 3 massage techniques. The pulsing action, gradients, and distal release together help maximize your circulation. Sleeves are available for legs, hips, and shoulders. A few minutes with the normaTec sleeves will reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery between workouts. This is a great one to try after those workouts you know will have you suffering the next day!


When we participate in strenuous workouts we create small micro tears. This is natural and it is how we build stronger muscles. However, depending on the intensity and frequency of training the rebuilding process may take longer. With constant stimulus and stress placed on the muscles with little recovery, you are more likely to sustain injury.

It’s clear that exercise is imperative to a healthy mind and body. However, we fail to recognize that exercise is a form of stress and sometimes too much placed on the body can increase our risk of injury Using these recovery tools can help recovery by reducing soreness, reducing muscle fatigue,  reducing joint soreness, and promote healing. Try these tools and find what works best for your body type to optimize recovery for a healthier, longer active life.