Moringa is a “miracle tree”. Its complex nutrient makeup makes it an overall green machine for all things health. Its nutritious profile makes this a good to superfood due to its insane protective properties. Competing with top contenders such as matcha and kale, this is easily the new must-have in your daily routine.


The plant is indigenous to India and used in Asia as a vegetable and medicinal plant. Although more recently discovered by modern science, this gem was of great value to the Romans due to its rich source of vitamins and economic viability. Known as Moringa Oleifera, this fast-growing tree is completely edible. Every part of the plant is nutrient dense including trunk, root, bark, gum, leaf, fruit pods, flower, and seed.



Vitamin A

Fiber (exceeding that in oatmeal)





Ascorbic acid




Vitamin C (more than an orange)

Are all just a few example of the nutrition found in Moringa. It has been said to have approximately twice the protein of yogurt and high levels of flavonoids. As a result, is a beneficial treatment for sickle cell Disease, Diabetes, Edema, and Alzheimer’s. Its extensive nutrition profile can also improve bone health, gastrointestinal distress and add protection to the cardiovascular system.


Indian culture is known for producing long shiny manes! Moreover, with such a high antioxidant content, Moringa is great for fighting free radicals. Therefore, using an oil as part of your beauty routine can prevent hair loss by increasing blood flow to the scalp. You can also apply the oil form to the skin and nails to help fight against harmful pollutants.


Leafs can be taken directly from the plant to brew as tea or use in a stir-fry. With its increasing popularity more powder forms are hitting the market. These can be used as a quick on the go mix or incorporated into a morning smoothie. Some green superfood supplements have had moringa included in their proprietary blend.

The healing benefits of Moringa far exceed that of any plant. Its benefits range from an improved insulin response to reduced inflammation and treatment for Diabetes. Incorporating the “Miracle Tree” into your nutrition has never been so easy.