We all look for a sense of belonging as human beings. There’s nothing better than creating new bonds and friendships while burning calories at the same time! Group training has become a great way to train without foregoing time with friends and family.

What used to be considered an endeavor for the most committed fitness enthusiasts, has now become a way to incorporate wellness into your social life. If you’ve never considered working out with others, Group Training can provide new friendships, push new limits or you could potentially meet your next hot date!

If this isn’t enough to find yourself a work out buddy, consider some of these other benefits to participating in Group Training:

1.       Accountability

Working out can sometimes feel more like a chore than a fun past time. We all have days when we just aren’t feeling up to it. When you train with a group, you’re not only being held accountable to your time with a trainer, but also with friends and colleagues. Knowing there are others waiting on you and counting on your arrival keeps you accountable to showing up!

2.       Competition

Having people with the same goals training together can provide that added edge. Being part of a team provides that extra enthusiasm and a competitive edge! This means going an extra rep and discovering your true potential.

3.       Reaching new goals

Many times the initial goal of a new fitness venture is the number on the scale. Being a part of a community that pushes you and holds you accountable can lend itself to many other achievements. You may find yourself breaking PRs (Personal records), lifting heavier loads (strength gains), decreasing anxiety and increasing mood (through the release of endorphins).

4.       Balance

No need to sacrifice time with loved ones for a workout session. Next time you have unexpected guests, maximize on time with them and bring them along to your group work out!  Not only will you be doing them a favor, but they will get a taste of the hard work you put in day in and day out.

Still not convinced…

Exercising with your community is the new way to live healthy and fit while building larger networks and friendships. Research continuously shows that individuals who train in groups are among the most fit. In a female study, it was shown that women who exercise with friends can burn up to 236 more calories, compared to working out alone.

Later night happy hours are quickly being replaced with mornings of fat blasting HIIT classes, followed by matcha lattaes  and brunch. Getting strong with a friend  is the secret to a healthier you. Want to check out a great, local place for group personal training? TriFIT Wellness in Central Phoenix provides fat blasting, fun workouts in only 30 minutes. Perfect for your busy schedule.