Whether you just finished a grueling work out, or you’re hitting that midday crash a well-balanced snack can make all the difference. Recharge your battery the right way, with a well-balanced snack.  Sarah Greenfield, R.D. and Digestive Health Coach recommends that you “Focus on eating fiber, healthy fat, and protein to give your body what it needs to keep blood sugar balanced and hunger at bay.”

This is where things get tricky for most of us. It doesn’t have to be complicated. As we mentioned in our article, “Why you should never go on a diet”, food is fuel! Stop spinning your wheels! We are shooting for moderation and overall healthy lifestyle, and our snacks should be used as a way to give us a boost in energy when we begin to feel a bit sluggish.

Use these general rules as a way to help you make the best selections for you!

  1. Think simple
  2. Integrate more whole foods into your snacks. Use this as an opportunity to load up on some extra fruits and veggies.
  3. Minimize those mumbo jumbo additives that you can barely pronounce on the labels.
  4. Make it Personal….Not all snacks are the same for everyone. A high fat calorie dense snack may be good for one person but inappropriate for others. Base the choice on your goals and personal needs and activity level.
  5. Keep it tasty…..Believe it or not there is an emotional connection too food. Just like any other meal you should enjoy what you eat. Snacking should not be self-torture, if you don’t like it then select a more pallet friendly option. Forcing yourself to eat something is what leads to unsuccessful habits.
  6. Follow the 80/20 rule….Give yourself a break, snack smart 80% of the time and use the other 20% to just eat something you enjoy with no remorse.


  • Crudité with Hummus – This snack is super easy and convenient and a perfect way to eat your recommended daily value of veggies. Chop up some of your favorite raw veggies and pick your favorite flavored hummus, the possibilities are endless.
  • Sweet or Savory Toast- The perfect balance of protein, carbs and fat this powerhouse snack can be customized to fit your mood. If your feeling sweet or need more natural sugars for a pre work out you can combine your choice of toast, favorite nut butter and a few slices of fruit. If you like something more savory you can combine your choice of toast, mashed avocado a little salt maybe even some pepper flakes if you’re feeling spicy. BOOM!
  • Nuts and Dried fruit- This one is the perfect snack to grab and go, mix your favorite raw nuts with some of your favorite dried fruit and keep on deck for a high energy snack.

On the go:

  • Bars-For and easy throw in your bag treat choose a protein bar with natural ingredients. (bulletproof collagen protein bars, primal kitchen bars, Rx Bars, Perfect Bar)
  • Green juice- Reminder that snacks are giving fuel. If you’re constantly on the run you may not have the time to cook your veggies. Drinking a green juice with minimal fruit can give you the micronutrients and energy to get through the afternoon.
  • Fruit- Handful of blueberries, strawberries or an apple are an easy quick option. go for less sweet and more antioxidant packed fruits
  • Raw Nuts- For a higher fat snack you can munch on some raw nuts.

Trainer Favorite Snacks:

We asked our in-house personal trainers what some of their favorite snacks where including their favorite Sunday Football munchie!

Laurel – “I love to snack on cottage cheese with some fresh pineapple over the top. For a quick grab and go I like to make protein pancakes ahead of time using some protein powder, oats and almond milk. I occasionally carry a single serving pack of almond butter for backup. My go to football treat…….I don’t watch Football”
Iliana –  “For a high protein snack I like prepping some hard boiled eggs and eating them with Trader Joes Everything but the bagel seasoning. I love cucumbers and hummus, my favorite hummus is from a local vendor called Majestic Garlic. Not only is there original hummus the best I’ve ever had but they also have an almond date flavor that I eat with apples when I have a sweet craving. White cheddar popcorn on Football Sunday is my jam!!
Julie- “I am a vegetarian and love me some fruits and vegetables. My go to would have to be apples and peanut butter but my guilty pleasure on a Sunday During my Patriots game is chips and guac and or salsa.”
Steven- “I love golden kiwis! I cut them in half and spoon the pulp out, so good! Can’t ever go wrong with some Sabras hummus and veggies but my favorite on a Football Sunday is a good old fashioned tortilla chip and guac.”
David – “My go to is always chips and salsa, I always look for gluten free multigrain chips and fresh ingredients for homemade salsa. I also have a recipe for no cheese, cheese sauce made with almonds for high protein and fiber.”
Lizzie -“My favorite snack includes wither apple, banana or pear with some type of nut butter. Rx bars are great for on the go. Sometimes I do almonds and cashews or a protein shake with added greens. Stove top popcorn with Himalayan pink salt for Sunday is my go to.”
Craig – “My go to snacks are oat-mega bars and popcorn with braggs yeast on top. For football games are bets are off, wings and blue cheese are an essential Sunday go to.”