It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Family, food, drinks and bloat. The holidays are a time to connect and share, all over deliciously curated meals. Enjoy all your favorite delights this year in moderation and avoid the big food baby.

First examine these unforeseen contributing factors that can cause serious belly bloat:

1). Limit using antibiotics if possible-Some of the most standard antibiotics prescribed for UTI can remove up to 1/3 of our gut bacteria that will never be replaced to its full potential.

2). Use of Acid Blockers-Work wonders for blocking stomach acids, however, they eliminate the natural feedback of the body that works to keep your gut terrain in ideal conditions.

3). Alcohol Consumption: Alcohol causes water retention and can be very hard on the lining of the stomach leading to some serious gastritis.

4). Dairy Consumption: Lactose is a milk sugar produced by the mother cow to help baby cow grow big and strong. You’re not a cow….as humans most lose the ability to digest dairy.

5). Hydration Levels-Your digestive tract is like a plumbing system if you want things to move along you need to flush it!

Now, to avoid feeling heavy, lethargic and gassy follow these easy strategies and leave the protruding belly behind.

Start your day with:
  • A good breakfast to avoid showing up to the party starving
  • Work out! (HIIT, Interval training or tabata).
  • Limit your caffeine intake to 1-2 cups to avoid the runs and dehydration.
  • Take a moment to meditate, holiday stress can fester and exacerbate you GI tract.
During the Festivities:
  • Make veggies the focal point of every plate to ensure plenty fiber to keep you regular.
  • Reach for a smaller serving plate so that you are not tempted to overload your plate.
  • Limit your portion of dairy (this means easy on the cheese plate and eggnog).
  • Add lemon to your water to help your system eliminate waste more efficiently.
  • For 1 glass of wine drink at least 3 cups of water.
  • Use mints rather than gum to freshen up your breath and avoid excess air pockets from chewing.

Follow these easy tips and show up bloat free in your sharpest threads. Happy holidays!