It’s 93º in Phoenix and pool days are here. This year instead of being self-conscious about how pale you’ve become over winter, get a swimsuit worthy tan in minutes here at TriFIT Wellness.

For years people have been getting a jump on their tan lines by hoping in dangerous, cancer-causing, tanning beds. Here at TriFIT Wellness, we believe that having a perfect tan shouldn’t mean damaged skin. We use the best in Norvell sunless tanning products that leave you looking like you’re back from a week in the Bahamas without the fear of skin cancer. And to top it all, it only takes about 10 minutes.

Once you book an appointment we sit down and talk to you about the tone you’d like to get it. From first-timers to bikini competitors, we can get you to your desired tone. There are a few tricks we always share so that you get the most out of your spray tan.

  • Make sure to shower, shave, and scrub before you come in. This will ensure that the natural reaction on your skin can happen without barriers.
  • Bring something loose to put on once you’re done. Anything tight and restricting can cause the solution set uneven.
  • If possible, wait 10 hours before showering after you’ve gotten a spray tan.
  • Your tan will seem more intense the first day as the solution work, but don’t worry! After your first shower, we promise you’ll tone down.

If you’re headed to the gym and want to get a workout in before your tan, check out our schedule to find out what works for you. Once your down with your workout you can use our showers and locker rooms to prepare for your spray tan session.

With spray tanning prices as low as $17 a session, you don’t have a reason to show up to your pool party looking like Casper’s long lost cousin. Book your first session today and get 10% off when you mention this post!