Diet fads are all around us. From low carb to no carb, calorie-restricted to point-restricted, we’re constantly being told that there is a new and faster way to lose weight. We hate to burst your bubble, but there will never be a better, faster method to lose weight, no matter what Jenny Craig tells you. All fast paced solutions typically come with an equally as fast paced kickback which typically looks like rapid weight gain and disappointment.

Weight loss that lasts, takes time and hard work. So what do we do when we want to make a change that lasts without giving into the media?

The key to successful (sustainable) weight loss, is to first educate yourself on why.

Why are you unhappy with your current weight?
Why are you eating the foods you are?
Why are you ready to make a change that lasts?

Here at TriFIT Wellness, we’re all about helping our clients understand their goals and help educate them on a long term solution. 

Why are you unhappy with your current weight?

Most people have an answer locked and loaded for this one. Whether you’re overweight, or underweight, we all typically have something we’d like to work on. The first step is to write down why you’re unhappy with your current weight, then in your most challenging moments throughout your journey, pull it up and read it. I know how tempting it can be to want to flip to the end of a book to figure out what happens, but sometimes reading the foreword helps put things into perspective.

Why are you eating the foods you are?

You’d be surprised that the scientific answer to this isn’t just “because it tastes good”—though with sugar being added to all of our foods it’s sure to be one reason. America has become the obesity capital of the world. With bigger portion sizes, general inactivity, and the ever confusing “diet” vs. “nutrition” conundrum, the U.S. is facing it’s biggest year yet—literally.

Start cutting the portions down, get up and move, and learn about the nutritional substance of your food rather than how much it costs to supersize it.

Why are you ready to make a change that lasts?

This is arguably the hardest question of them to answer. Not because we don’t know the answer, but because most of us would be lying. Everyone knows the infamous New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, but what no one wants to admit to is that 3 months later they are right back to where they started. Having the right tools to make a lifestyle change is more than low-fat cream cheese and a scale. It’s a mindset that’s challenged and pushed to a new level by a coach that’s ready to see you evolve.

Investing in the best resources to educate yourself throughout your journey will not only make you more committed to the process, it will teach you how to live a better life, rather than paying for a short-term fix without long term results.

It’s a lot easier to remember why you started when the reason is to live a better life, not for the next swimsuit season.

Diets are built for fast results.

TriFIT is built for lasting results.

Come meet with our Nutrition Specialists for bi-monthly or monthly check-ins to review your food choices, nutrition challenges, and gain 
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